Tuesday, January 5, 2021

 New Year, New Cookie

    I'm calling these New Years cookies, because my New Years Resolution was to fix my cookie recipe! Over the past few months, whenever I made cookies with the same recipe (see above) they would come out cakey and puffy instead of thin and crispy! So, today I spent some time researching what makes cookies cakey, crispy and chewy, so today I present: New Years Cookies! (I wrote this little blurb before I actually tried making them. SPOILER, they came out bad. I would not recommend using this recipe.)


2 1/4 Cups all purpose flour

2 1/2 Tsp Baking POWDER

1 Tsp Salt

2 Sticks Butter room temp (unsalted or salted doesn't matter)

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup White Sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla 

2 eggs

(Chocolate Chip as needed, but about 1/2 cup.)



The first change is in the leavening. If you notice, I use baking powder instead of the standard baking soda. For those of you who don't know, Baking Soda is activated by liquid, and Baking Powder is activated by heat. The baking soda works because when white sugar and butter melts, they turns into a liquid and activate the leavening. With baking powder, it will be activated by heat, which I hoped would help the over spreading. 

The second change is in sugar. I used more brown sugar to get a more chewy cookie than a more cakey cookie. The white sugar will harden and make it firm, so theoretically using more brown will make then chewier. Theoretically... *hint hint*

I also baked these at 350 for about 15 minutes, because I find that they burn too easily at 375.


I decided to bake one cookie at 375 for 10 minutes, and it burnt :(  SO... I turned the temperature down to 350. Upon inspecting our first cookie, (at 350) It was very dense and hard, so I decided to just make the rest of the batch. Heads up, this doesn't have a happy ending. I ended up throwing all of the the main batch into the garbage, because they were burnt on the edges and raw in the middle. I also noticed that limiting the white sugar made the cookies less sweet, so they ended up tasting like bitter chocolate. Definitely would not recommend using the recipe above. New Years Resolutions never really work, so I guess it makes sense that this didn't work either. Thinking this would be a success, I took a bunch of photos, so enjoy these: